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With our highly trained and dedicated staff, we strive to exceed each customer's specific needs:

Star has received prestigious awards for superior and reliable transportation service from companies such as Quaker/Gatorade for the "Carrier of the Year".

We are committed to providing the most advanced technology in the industry. Our drivers and our customer's loads are only a few keystrokes away, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week:

Our management team is extremely progressive and maintains an open communication environment between managers, dispatchers, drivers and other support personnel. Utilizing the finest people, technology, procedures and equipment, Star Transportation offers you the experience and expertise for all your transportation needs, regardless of how unique or challenging they may be.

Full service maintenance facilities are located at our Nashville, Tennessee Headquarters and Memphis, TN Terminal. Star also has terminals located in Knoxville, TN, Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL. There are additional drop yards in Tennessee. Nationwide maintenance support is available 24 hours throughout our system. Preventative maintenance is essential to keeping our trucks on the road to ensure on-time delivery.

Our fleet of all conventional tractors is made up of Freightliner. With an average fleet age of just 2 years old, our equipment is second to none. Our drivers have assigned trucks.


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